31 March 2013

Pigs Will Fly

This is one of Mr Condell's best. It is hilarious, but the message is clear: each of us needs to stand up for free speech which is getting less free as every "permanently offended minorities" apply political and government pressure to "silence" our sacred right to express ourselves.

16 November 2012

[GutterUncensored.com] China Communist Party Swingers Sex Orgy Scandal Photos

The Dirty, Juicy Story...
Fuck me. This is awesome. Lots of fucking sucking and girl-on-girl action. Rank certainly has its privileges!

28 July 2012

Driven by China sales, luxury goods buck economic slowdown

Capitalism keeps on ticking, the world will be OK!

This is a good sign!

Driven by China sales, luxury goods buck economic slowdown

The Ultimate Insult to Homophobes

Pure gold. Well done guys. True love trounces hate.

Christian IDIOTS and their noisy bullshit

At the recent Global Atheist Convention 2012:

The Creationists (true believers in MAGIC):

The gay-hating, abortion-loathing, guilt-tripping fools "testifying" about their imaginary Jewish-zombie friend:

Muslim ARSEHOLE angry at protesters wearing burqas

As far as I am concerned his medieval beliefs should be mocked and ridiculed, and in this country -- until they take away the right to free speech -- ANYONE can.

Notice how he is barely able to contain his violent streak. If the cops weren't present he would probably allow his anger to take over and forget that Islam is (supposedly) a "religion of peace". (yeah, right)

06 April 2012

22 March 2012

Tell the truth about Islam

...and the truth will set you free!

08 March 2012

South Park "Bloody Mary" episode

When it was first broadcast, it caused an explosion of protest and controversy for being offensive -- which it is.

...but it is also very funny. Watch it and decide, or reminisce as the case may be.


05 March 2012

Religulous -- Documentary by Bill Maher 2010

Destined to become a classic response to religious dogma. Fuck your God!
Cannoise Bill Maher!

Penn and Teller - Bullshit - Bible: Fact or Fiction Part 1

Penn and Teller - Bullshit S02E06 (Bible: Fact or Fiction) Part 1
Click for Part 2

Does God Get Diarrhea?

I just found out about this book via Show 14 of The Imaginary Friends Show hosted by the very funny, irreverent and clever Jake Farr Wharton.

I stumbled on this podcast only recently and I would say it is one of the best science/ atheist podcasts I've had the pleasure of laughing to.

The Book of Mormon: Winner of 9 Tony Awards

Please enjoy excerpts of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's wonderful work!
Can't wait for the movie to come out.
Official Website | Wikipedia

Bill Maher on Muslims: Radical Muslims vs Christians

One of Bill Maher's most memorable monologues.

Louis CK honors George Carlin - YouTube

Louis CK honors George Carlin - YouTube:

One genius paying homage to another.

Bruce Willis on religion

Bruce Willis on religion:

Frank Sinatra, the atheist

Frank Sinatra, the atheist:

02 March 2012

Atheist Movies: The Skeptic's Collection

Thank you to Atheist Movies for this wonderfully useful collection

Atheist Movies: The Skeptic's Collection: A powerful package for the ones who want to train themselves or boost their knowledge against pseudoscience and supernatural. The Simpson...

16 December 2011

Daily Hitchens: In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011

God is NOT great. But Christopher Hitchens is The Greatest!

Daily Hitchens: In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011: Vanity Fair Christopher Hitchens—the incomparable critic, masterful rhetorician, fiery wit, and fearless bon vivant—died today at the ag...

28 November 2011

Porno Science

Science is cool. Porno and science together for me is like being in heaven -- and that is coming from me, a hardcore, potty-mouthed atheist.

Check it out:

28 Nov, 2011 Porn and the plastic brain

By Crystal Bennes

01 May 2011

US Claims Bragging rights...again

01 May 1945 : Adolf Hitler confirmed dead.

01 May 2011 : Osama Bin Laden confirmed dead.

US military forces earn their bragging rights, yet again.



Laissez Faire vs 'Capitalism' (so called)

26 April 2011

Hard Truths Redux

Wow, we've just had a 5 day weekend here in Oz. I spent most of yesterday going through Lee Kuan Yew's 'Hard Truths', and watched the DVD again for the n-th time -- the video on interviews on the 'hot button' topics.

I did this with my 'emotion radar' turned on -- i.e. listen to the man, let him make his point, and try as best I can to look on his claims objectively, instead of allowing the emotions to run amuck. To ensure the right state of mind, I laid out the wine, fruit, nuts and cheese and made sure I was 'neutral'.

You know what? I found myself agreeing with the man more than I disagree. OK, I think that there are better methods of achieving most of the 'national objectives' -- more freedom and free-market based.

For e.g. I believe in a citizen militia. However I disapprove of forced conscription. I also approve of a frugal govt, however I think the govt could be more parsimonious and encourage more private enterprise in infrastructure.

I also approve of the govt 'paying back' money to the citizens, because it has taken tax. It is moral to 'pay back' some of the surpluses. Yes, it could be seen as 'vote buying', but the alternative is the govt keeping the money.

I definitely approve of his hard stance against organised religion -- be it Islam or Christianity -- fuck those assholes. And his non-discriminatory attitude to anyone who 'wants to join us' -- referring to welcoming capable foreigners gets my 110% approval.

We both share a deep suspicion about untethered democracy being no 'guarantee to prosperity', and the necessity for S'pore to have an 'open economy'. He explains the moral hazards and de-motivating effects of state welfarism -- another point I concur with.

I think voting S'poreans -- especially those who have 'written off' the PAP should have a good look at Hard Truths.

Looking at the opposition's policies -- for the most part they seem to be rooted in welfare, and slamming the gate shut to immigration -- definite self-sabotaging platforms which will have negative economic and social results.

The problem with the PAP is that they've failed in the area of communication -- and applied too much of the direct iron-fist political kung-fu. Those methods might have been effective during post-Merdeka S'pore, but it old and the people are sick of it.

One thing's for sure: there is no viable alternative to an open economy for a tiny city state which can't even feed itself or power itself without imports. And in order to import to live and prosper, you'd better be able to pay for the food and energy, which means you have to produce and sell or everyone dies.

To be able to do this, you'd better have a thriving economy and that is only possible if you have booming private enterprise creating wealth and a wide open, globalised economy.

Democracy is a nice idea -- however I get the feeling that too many S'poreans have been lulled into believing that democracy is some kind of 'holy grail' -- we have to have it because all the developed cuntries have it. This is neurotic reasoning pure and simple. It is about time people got over this romantic notion and concentrated on hard-core Constitutional Republicanism based on individual achievement and self-motivated attitude to be the best that they can be -- i.e. a meritocracy where one has to EARN from sheer hard work and intelligence -- instead of looking to the govt for 'freebies' and 'handouts'.

I am convinced that if meritocracy was substituted by 'egalitarianism', Singapore is broker than broke in a generation or two.

No, I haven't drunk the Kool Aid, I haven't been inflicted with PAP-itis -- the sickness of those true-believer PAP supporters who are likely to deify Mr Lee snr after his demise. I'm looking at this from the objectivity of hard-core material, real world economics and capital structures.

No govt can 'deliver prosperity'. What they can do is get out of the way and allow the private sector to do its job in a business-like friendly, peaceful, politically stable environment, where the courts uphold private property rights and contract law.

PAP govt aside -- Hotel Singapore does that exceedingly well. Much better than most of the so-called Furst Wurld Demo-Crazies -- who are all quasi centrally planned welfare states which tax and regulate their citizens excessively.